Our Heartfelt Thanks...

Greatest thanks to Mike Atkins for bringing The Blacklites back together again.  His love, dedication and belief in us brought us to where we are today.

The Blacklites would like to thank all of our family members, especially our wives, who are always present at each peformance, our children because they display their love for us each and every day, our friends, fans and everyone who supports what we do.  Without them, there would be no Blacklites.  We love you all!

To Delores Goode, "Mother" of The Blacklites from day one for over 30 years!  Thanks for putting up with us, encouraging us, loving us, always believing in us and keeping us in line.

To C Jack Run Productions and Charles Jackson for his continued support and guidance.

Dr. Rick Wright of WPHR.fm "Old School Sunday" radio for his encouragement, inspiration and support of The Blacklites.

Mayor Matt Driscoll for his help and support throughout the years.  We especially thank him for allowing us to entertain guests at The Mayor's Winter Ball in 2007 and 2008!  We had a blast!

Frank Malfitano for the opportunity that made it possible for the Blacklites to open for Aretha Franklin and perform for 50,000 people at the M & T Jazz Fest 2007.  We are forever grateful of his support.

To the beautiful Gemma Atkins for the endless photos and videos.  She is always present and supportive of The Blacklites.

Walt Shephard, editor of The City Eagle's Media Unit for all his help in getting the word out!  We would also like to thank Walt for his continued support of The Blacklites and for the Youth on Stage Award given to us for our support of youth and the example we have given to the youth in the community.

We thank Mark Bialzak for the many interviews and articles that allowed our fans to know us better.

Thanks to the Southside Christmas Tree Lighting Committee for the 2007  Community Service Award given to us The Blacklites.  The Black Lites thank The Committee For All The Support.

Thank you Ken Boyd for all the photos and videos; but most of all for your support.

Thank you to the school and parish community of Immaculate Conception in Fayetteville, NY for their support.

Thanks to "Dave" at the UPS store in Downtown Syracuse for helping us out whenever we've needed your assistance!

Special thanks to all city dignitaries and the SU Men's Basketball Team who came out to support us and jam with us on stage for Jazz in the CIty Tribute to Donald Ransom!

Thank you to WSTM Channel 3, WSYR Channel 9 and WTVH Channel 5 and News 10 Now for their generous coverage of our Tribute to Donald Ransom at Jazz in the City 2008.

Thank you to the Post Standard for their coverage of our special Tribute to Donald Ransom and Jazz in the City.

Thank you to Larry Luttinger for making Jazz in the City possible and for his belief in The Blacklites.

Thanks to Community General Hospital and Mark Re for allowing us to entertain guests at the Community Hospital Gala's Denim and Diamonds Events in 2007 and the Jewels and Jeans Event in 2008.  It is always a pleasure and honor to connect with the medical community at Community Hospital.

Thanks to Shawn Fiato, President of the Park Avenue Neighborhood Association for allowing The Blacklites to be part of this year's event in Leavenworth Park.

Thank you to all city and county dignitaries who came out to support us as we received the Jam Factory award for support of youth and the work we do with them.  Thank you to Mayor Driscoll, District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick, Bill Simmons, Lee Plouvakas and all city dignitaries who support the contributions that The Blacklites give to youth in the community.

We once again, thank Dr. Rick Wright of Power 106.9 Radio for another heartfelt and dynamic introduction of The Blacklites at Chevy Court during our big performance at The New York State Fair!

State Fair Director Dan O'Hara deserves a huge THANK YOU for bringing the best hometown bands to Chevy Court for all to enjoy.  We appreciate the rare opportunity to play the big stage as well as his belief in us!

Thank you to Jim Horseman, Entertainment Coordinator of the New York State Fair for inviting The Blacklites to HEADLINE at the New York State Fair on Chevy Court.

We thank our friends at Olympia Floors who speak so highly of The Blacklites. We appreciate their loyal support and the love they have shown to us.

Thank you to Tony Cee, talent booking agent, who called The Blacklites one day and said, "We would like to book The Blacklites to play the New York State Fair on the big stage at Chevy Court."  We deeply appreciate the opportunity and hope to play the big stage again soon!   

Thank you, Reggie Seigler and Walt Dixie for asking us to join in on Jubilee Showcase Sunday on August 17th.  We truly appreciate your belief in us and your support of us.

A huge thank you to Y94 FM, in particular, Dollar Bill Drace and Carole Fargo for their part in inviting The Blacklites to perform at the Y94 FM Halloween Bash at the Hotel Syracuse.  Thank you to Kenny D 106.9 for the great introductions!!!!  We had a blast and truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Halloween Bash 2008!